Kitchen Tools For Your Garden Products

Food equipment needed to preserve garden produce

organic gardenThe summer is a time when your garden is really productive which often results in lots of fresh produce. Too much in many cases and more than most people can comfortably eat. Instead of throwing it away one option is to preserve it but in some cases you will need special kitchen equipment to do so. You can purchase these special kitchen equipment at Of course the simplest way is by freezing it and all you will need is a freezer for this. Freezing is an excellent way to preserve some items but others prefer other methods. This article will discuss methods for preserving garden produce and the kitchen equipment needed to do so.

Drying out foods is one easy way to preserve them so that they last longer and preserve. A number of items dry well; any type of spice will dry well as do chili peppers, tomatoes, and most other garden produce. Drying out food removes their water content and make it difficult for bacteria to live on them thus extending their life. While you can sun dry many foods or even cook them in an oven at lower temperatures the most efficient way to do so is with a food dehydrator which operates at very low temperatures and will effectively remove the water content from the food and thereby extend their life. Food dehydrators are easy to install and use and don’t require a lot of energy even though they are plugged in for a long time to fully dehydrate food as they are at low temperatures.

Another option for preserving foods is canning them. Simple ball jars are great options for canning and preserving food. They are affordable and can preserve fruits and other food items effectively. In addition to a few bell jars to store the preserved foods with their air tight tops you will also to have a stock pot or specialty canning pan so that you can hear and sanitize the jars so you can remove bacteria and avoid the risk of botulism.

picklesAnother means of preservation is both pickling and fermenting food items. This can be done with some basic specialty equipment such as an air lock container and special air lock that can release the buy product of fermentation, the carbon dioxide, escape but prevent harmful bacteria from getting into the preserved food. Other specialty kitchen equipment for fermenting food items are available which effectively let food items ferment below a heavy lid that keeps the substance submerged below a water level that prevents the foods from rotting.

Finally the most common item for preservation is a freezer which can easily preserve foods in a ziplock bag or any plastic container. As practically everybody has a refrigerator and freezer little needs to be obtained for this though many people with lots of produce to freeze consider adding a secondary freezer to their home.

Preserving your garden produce is easy with some basic kitchen equipment. Explore these methods and compare to what your garden is producing to see the best equipment for your produce preservation.